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Nga Tini Whetu

Nga tini Whetu refers to the multitudes of stars. The expression is inspired by ancient Maori navigational traditions where stars and planets were used as guiding points to steer vyagers in the right direction. In this context, the Nga tini Whetu programme aims to steer Maori business directors and owners in the direction of economic success.


Provided in conjunction with Te Uri o Hau Tanga ta Development, the programme provides whanau the opportunity to enhance their mana within the business sector.


Nga tini Whetu consists of 3 components:

Kapu Korero

This is the starting point. Working alongside your Nga Tini Whetu-Kaiarahi you will establish goals for your business and determine the best route for your business.

Kete Oranga

Access for those eligible, to the provision of funding from the Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency to help address barriers identified in your goal plan. This could mean better signage, an interactive website to boost interest, business mentors to support you in specific areas


Inspire whanau and peers to become their own boss, their own employer, the leader of their own economic kaupapa.

Reflect on your journey in business so far and paint the picture of your successes, your trials and errors and how you overcame obstacles.

By participating in this component, you directly contribute to the development and continuation of the Nga Tini Whetu programme.



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