Clinical Services

Healthy Lifestyles Services

The Healthy Lifestyles service promotes healthy living to those who suffer from Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease through a number of activities that include;

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Personalised “Health Plan” to achieve your health goals
  • Personal Training session
  • Educational exercise and nutrition sessions
  • Dietary advice
  • Exercise and Diet logbook
  • Phone support
  • Group based physical activities (e.g. Box fit, walking group)
  • Use of Wrap-around Services

The Healthy Lifestyles programme facilitator works with you to set personal health goals and implement the strategies to help you achieve better health. Every health plan is customised to your needs, including a personalised exercise programme with exercises built to suit your skill level.

How to Access the Healthy Lifestyles Service 

Referrals to the service can come from the GP, nurse or your Community Support worker, just let them know at the time of your consultation.

Referrals to Internal Wrap-around Services

  • Dietitian
  • Disease State Management Nurses (DSM)
  • Community Support Services including Adult Mental Health
  • Practice Nurses
  • GP Services

Referrals to External Services

  • Green Prescription (for discounted gym membership)
  • Smoking Cessation - Quitline
  • Midwifery
  • Dietitian
  • Podiatry