Te Aka Matua Services

Te Aka Matua

Te tapu o te tangata and hohourongo can help to enhance our wellbeing though karakia, pepeha, waiata, and whakapapa that is based around the Whare Tapa Wha model. Our experienced cultural advisors can support with mental, physical wellbeing, reconnecting with Whānau, Hapu, Marae and Iwi to ensure a strong connection of knowing who they are and where they come. Our team works with whānau for a period of upto 3 months. Additional services include:

  • Rangatahi Cultural Services
  • Kaumātua Support
  • Mana Wāhine
  • Whakamana Tāne
  • Karakia


The service is intended to be a first point of contact for Whānau Maori who are experiencing mild to moderate distress in their well-being. Te Aka Matua will support Whānau for a maximum of 3 months, giving tools to know Whakamana themselves and their Whanau.


We work within the “Dynamics of Whanaungatanga” philosophy by Pa Henare Tate.

Tapu is the sacredness of our being, everyone will be respected.

Mana is to empower our whānau; this will be achieved by Whanau to have Goals that they can work towards

Pono is to be real, to have an open and honest relationship with no hidden agendas.

Tika is supporting whānau to do things the right way.

Aroha is to have empathy and compassion with our whānau you are” someone’s Loved one”.

“To know and to understand the philosophy of the Dynamics of Whanaungatanga is to have

Te Maramatanga (enlightenment)”.


Our Cultural Assessments are based around the Whare Tapa Wha model.:

Wairua: Karakia is a form of strengthening the Wairua, it is also a form of strengthening our connection to the Spiritual realm. Māori are Wairua people experiencing being in the physical realm.

Hinengaro: We are experienced professionals in Mental and emotional Health.

Tinana: We encourage Healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, physical wellbeing.

Whanau: We support Tangata to reconnect to their Whanau, Marae, Hapu and Iwi this will ensure a strong connection to their Maoritanga, to knowing who they are and where they come


Rangatahi Cultural Services

Is a Kaupapa Māori service, based on tikanga and traditional Māori systems of Hauora & well-being delivered by Māori for Māori.

Te Aka Matua is committed to supporting Rangatahi and helping them navigate health and other issues, in order to equip and support them to make positive decisions for the future they deserve.


Te Aka Matua can facilitate: 

Truancy/attendance issues – supporting Rangatahi to complete secondary education by providing resources, tools, and enabling reconnection with cultural heritage.

Whanaungatanga - Build whanaungatanga with whanau, Hapu, Iwi to develop goals with the Rangatahi to ensure that they are on the right path to achieving their own aspirations.

Cultural - Supporting Rangatahi to embrace their identity & Culture. Cultural activities strengthen resilience, stress-management, strategies to reduce anxiety, and behavioural issues.


Kaumātua Support

We honour Kaumatua for their wisdom, experience, and knowledge, as well as the contributions they have made and continue to make to Whānau, hapu, and iwi.

We have a Kuia Kaumatua roopu that our Kuia and Kaumatua attend fortnightly, they enjoy each other’s company, it’s a place they can converse in Te Reo Māori and enjoy a meal together.


Karakia (Blessing of Houses)

Karakia are traditional Māori incantations and prayers, used to invoke spiritual guidance and protection such in blessing of a house.


Mana Wahine

Is a secure place for Wahine to share their feelings and past issues and or trauma while remaining in a safe Kaupapa Māori environment.


Whakamana Tane

Is our men's group. This is intended to equip our men to be good fathers. Being a role model for the family and changing their way of thinking. We teach the different roles on the Marae, the various roles of the Wahine and Tane, Kuia, and Kaumatua we teach Karakia, Mihimihi and encourage them to research their Pepeha. This will teach Whanau respect for themselves and how to respect others they come into contact with.