Community Support Services

The Community Support Services are part of a wrap-around services provided by Te Puna Hauora where whanau and individuals can access support from a range of services offered. Whanau meet face to face with a kaiarahi.


All referrals are followed by a Comprehensive Needs Assessment and a Kaiarahi is allocated to suit your needs.


The role of a Kaiarahi is community based in home support. Our Kaiarahi will help you develop and implement your IMAP goal plans. Their role is to navigate, co-ordinate and or facilitate activities, services and opportunities to support your goal plan. Whanau and individuals are supported at all stages of their journey by their kaiarahi.

Community Services consist of:

Kaiarahi support

Adult Mental health and addictions

Budgeting with Financial Mentors


Mana Màtua Parenting Programme

Journey Through Changes Programme


How to access our services:

Access to Community Services is via a referral process. Referrals can come from:

• The nurse or GP at the time of your consultation

• Your Te Puna Hauora Kaiarahi / Support worker

• Other agencies including Ministry for Children, Non-Government Organisations, WINZ

• Self-Referral – Ask at reception for a Community Services Referral form or through our website 

• Email