Community Services

Journey through Changes Programme

Breaking Cycles

This programme has been created as a tool to teach you how to break free from the cycles that have become strongholds in your life. This will aid you to map your way out of the cycles keeping you from achieving your potential.


Each module is approx. 2-3 hours. Workbooks are provided for you to complete and keep.  Modules are professionally facilitated providing you with options for follow-up care should you require on-going support

Module Content

  • Knowing yourself Self -awareness, self- esteem and self-worth.
  • Anger- Management What is anger? Identify your anger styles and responses, tools to help you deal with anger issues.
  • Stress and anxiety Identifying stress and anxiety levels. What are the triggers? How to combat stress and anxiety.
  • Depression and loneliness How to identify depression. How does it affect your health and lifestyle? Explore loneliness & self-esteem, Tips to combat and overcome depression.
  • Relationships, social responsibility & addictions Harmful patterns, communication skills, responsibilities and decision making in relationships.
  • Problem solving & conflict resolution Understanding skills to deal with conflict.
  • Goal setting making dreams a reality.

How to Access our program 

Access to Journey through changes is via a referral process. Referrals can come from

  • The nurse or GP at the time of your consultation
  • Your Te Puna Kaiarahi/Support Worker or another agency
  • Self-Referral – Ask at reception for a Community Services referral to complete 
  • Email: or website