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Mana Matua Parenting Programme

Being a parent is an important role. If you require support with parenting, try our programme designed for parents of all ages and stages to gain the necessary skills to become confident, capable parents.

Family Discovering your strengths as a parent and a family unit.

Development Learning about the foundation years. From birth to 5 years of age.

Behaviour understanding behavior patterns and developing strategies and coping skills.

Teens and Pre-Teens What to expect from your pre-teen/teen.

Assertiveness Expressing your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Goal Setting and problem-solving learning about dreams and desires, then setting goals to achieve them.

Blended Families understanding what happens when two families are joined together.

Safer Families Ways to keep our children safe.

Home Safety Management Safety awareness in and around the home.

Health of the children, Recognising the signs of a healthy child.

Each stage of the programme is linked each goal represents empowerment, support and choice

Whanau can share their experiences, ideas and views while gaining new skills and knowledge to provide quality care for themselves and their children.

Parents are mentored at all stages of the programme by their Kaiarahi.

It is important that all whanau participating are committed to attending all stages of the programme.

How to access our programme: 

Access to the Mana Mātua /Parenting programme is via a referral process. Referrals can come from:

The nurse or GP at the time of your consultation.

Your Te Puna Hauora Kaiarahi/Support Worker 

Self-Referral – You can ask at our reception for a Community Services referral to complete

Email: or our website