Whanau Ora

The confidence of whānau members to articulate and manage shared responsibility from dangerous risks behaviours to mapping solutions is obvious. The mutual trust, respect and empathy between the whānaura practitioner and whānau members is also obvious. The transformational change in the person and whānau dynamics is evident.

The Dynamics of Whānaungatanga

whanau ora
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  • Interweaving the personal Mana and Ihi underpinned by Tika, Pono and Aroha allows Whānau, Hapu and Iwi to gain their own Rangatiratanga

  • Provides an in-depth understanding of Whānaugatanga as a means to apply values and practical concepts in their daily lives and activities

  • This is what Whānau Ora is all about

  • Services have been using these concepts since its inception

  • Revolves around the restoration of Tapu so that Whānau have the Mana to achieve their goals in life

  • The skills and capacity to embrace and practice cultural principles, as part of a whānau development pathway, is central to success

  • Supports the restoration of family relationships to bring clarity to the roles and responsibilities linked through Whānaungatanga