About Us

Our Kaupapa

Our kaupapa is our sense of vision, our philosophy, the fundamental principles which guide our mahi (work). 

Our Mission Statement
To make Te Raki Paewhenua and New Zealand a better place for our children and our Children's children.

To strive for equality and fairness, working in partnership with friends and allies who share our values, creating our own successes with skill and passion

Celebrating differences, nourishing opportunities for action, and being leaders in everything we do.

Our Vision Statement
Confident, Capable and Healthy Whanau restoring their tapu and their mana

TPH Best Practice Model
Click here to download and view the TPH Best Practice Model for Hauora Maori

TPH Kaupapa and History
Click here to download and view the TPH Kaupapa and History

Our Whakatauki
These whakatauki underpin the kaupapa Maori component of Te Puna's model. The attitude of practice must reflect the spirit contained in this whakatauki, entwined throughout delivery at every level.

He mea nui? - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata
What is the greatest thing? - it is people, it is people, it is people
He aha te huarahi? - i runga, i te TIKA, te PONO, me te AROHA.
What is the pathway? - it is doing what is right with integrity and compassion.

The efforts of Te Puna Hauora services are underpinned in Tika, Pono and Aroha.

TIKA - the agreed pathway is a shared understanding and vision, to support clients, internal/allied colleagues and our organisations to achieve maximum potential with equity
PONO - our decisions are underpinned by, and made with integrity
AROHA - compassion to care enough for those affected by inequalities and to challenge comfort zones in an effort to make a healthy difference for the population we are funded to serve