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Te Puna Hauora o te Raki Paewhenua - FAQs

Before you can book in for an appointment, you need to be enrolled with Te Puna Hauora.

Click here to download the enrolment form

You can enrol by visiting one of our clinics (Northcote or Birkdale clinic), fill in a registration form and provide any of the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your passport with E- VISA
  • A photocopy of a NZ birth certificate
  • A photocopy of a NZ citizenship certificate
  • Community Services Card
  • A letter from immigration of acceptance of refugee status

None of these needs to be certified copies (signed by a Justice of the Peace)

Ways you can give us the required documents:

  • When you come to one of our clinic, present the photocopy in person, or bring the original document which will be photocopied and returned to you

Note: As a new patient of Te Puna Hauora, you are giving us permission to request your medical notes from your previous GP. This could take up to 5-10 days, so please allow up to 7 days for your appointment. Alternately you can personally collect your file from previous doctor and deliver to clinic

Book an appointment

GP You can be booked over the telephone (09-483049) or in person at the clinic. We advise you to book well in advance as appointments to access a GP may be limited.

Cancel an appointment

You can cancel an appointment by calling the same numbers listed above. Please call at least 2 hrs prior to your appointment to allow people on priority waiting list access slot vacated by you. There is a $10 charged for any missed GP appointments.

How can I request a repeat prescription?

You can request a repeat prescription over the telephone (09-483049) or in person at the clinic. A nurse or doctor will be ringing you back for details. Please allow at least 24-hour notice.

How do I know if the repeat prescription in ready?

We will notify via text, or call. We will also notify you if you need to see a doctor, prior to getting a repeat prescription.

Note: Each GP surgery or primary care practice will have its own procedure for repeat prescribing but the following rules are common to most, if not all. Patients who are well-known to the practice who have a stable condition like asthma, hypertension or diabetes could be allowed to get a repeat prescription for up to six months. Repeat prescriptions are as "a general rule are never given to patients who are not known to the practice unless you are accompanied by a known client of TPH eg. you are in transit and forgot your routine medication There is a blanket ban on repeats for narcotics and other drugs that could be misused. These are strictly monitored by your regular doctor.

All clinic fees and charge are listed here.

You will be informed by your health provider of any significant test results as soon as possible. Normal results are not notified unless requested

Our transport service is from your address to Te Puna Hauora Clinic and back only. Families with no other means of transport, elderly or frail, and People with a disability, are eligible for this free or donation service.


Health Support

Te Puna Hauora o te Raki Paewhenua

If you require General Health advice you can call health line on 0800611116.


Emergency Help

For emergencies, please ring 111.

For emergencies, please ring 111.